Ronald Perelman is the most famous American businessman. President Pantry Bright Food Company Born on January 1, 1943. And we are handling several acquisitions of large M & A companies. It was during the 1980 ‘s that the American economy became rough with hostile M & A, and since then the battle of M & A has been spreading in the United States. At this time, Ronald Perelman became known as a person who won the judgment that cosmetics company LeBron became known as Revlon criteria later denied takeover defense measures by White knight. Ronald Perelman set up M & A in Lebron, a cosmetic manufacturer. On the other hand, the Lebronese side board of directors asked for an acquisition with a white knight at an amount less than the amount presented by Ronald Perellman. LeBron introduced the poison pill which is effective for countermeasures against hostile M & A at the same time, but Ronald · Perellman brought this to court struggle. As a result, the Ronald · Pellerman side won the suit in the Supreme Court.

Pelleman also to M & A at Koito Manufacturing

When deciding to sell, the Board of Directors is obliged to sell to the opponent who posts a high price when deciding not to protect the company but to sell it. When proposing to acquire Revlon, a leading cosmetic company as president of food company Pantry Bright, it became a judgment that denied takeover defense measures using White knight, which will be called “LeBron standard”. It is also called “Lebron duty”. In Japan, the fact that M & A by foreign companies became easy was due to the enactment of the revised Commercial Code of 2006. But before that time there was a confrontation between Livedoor and Fuji TV over Nippon Broadcasting, hostile M & A by domestic companies became a topic. At that time Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. utilized Mr. T · Boon · Pickens and others to dismiss the attack by Green Mail as experience, but there was Ronald · Perelman on Pickens side.