Risuke (rescheduling) is to change the initial borrowing conditions to banks and various financial institutions when repayment of loans, loans, etc. becomes difficult. Reconsider the firm’s funding and payment dates or schedule for debt servicing from the schedule we originally set up and make the decision again. Although it depends on negotiation due to deterioration of business performance or bankruptcy of the selling destination, we call “reschedule” to reduce the repayment amount and delay repayment and re-plan the repayment schedule. Many of the companies are made up of cash flow that is properly calculated, and if the schedule collapses, it will cause a bad impression, payment to business partners, employee salaries, shareholders’ dividends will be affected . Therefore, the company needs to properly plan the funds in advance. In terms of M & A or company sale, the delivery date of the fund has an important meaning, and its cash flow will greatly affect future corporate activities. So it is necessary to carefully plan the schedule carefully and extract the best condition by changing according to the situation.

Thorough money planning and schedule considering risk are important

However, because there are circumstances of the other party, it is sometimes impossible to change, so it is necessary to plan from the beginning considering sufficient risk. In M & A or company sale, reschedule should be avoided as much as possible. In the case of M & A or company sale, there are many cases where the allocation of the funds is decided. In case of reschedules, not only the schedule but also the subsequent allocation destination has a large influence, so there are cases where all the plans are reviewed Even if reschedule is successfully done, the credit rating from the financial institution naturally declines and it will be difficult to receive new loans. When selling the company or M & A in this manner, make sure to discuss with the other party including the financial institution sufficiently to schedule careful planning of money and risk and to avoid as much as possible rescue It is important.