The virtual data room is a place to provide digitized disclosure materials on the Web. Data and materials in M & A negotiations will be enormous. In negotiating M & A, both the seller and the buyer will look through the necessary data and materials and use it as a negotiation material. Both the seller side and the buyer side think to make full use of the data in order to advance negotiations favorably to the company. Data and materials in M & A negotiations have a huge amount of risk of leakage of confidential information, so you can easily put them in your own laptop computer and carry it out to the outside and show it to the other party. In some cases you may want to restrict the materials you show. In such a case the virtual data room will be useful.
A virtual data room is not a physical data room, but a place to disclose relevant electronic materials on the Web. There is high confidentiality, secured, and only people concerned can access it. By utilizing the virtual data room, the seller side can control the range of materials to be disclosed or the target of disclosure by way of restricting places where access to the disclosed material can be accessed.

Room to be utilized is different depending on disclosure material

The data room has a physical data room and a virtual data room. Each data room will be utilized according to the nature, scope and disclosure target of the disclosed material. In the physical data room, you can view the hard copy installed in the physical data room, whereas in the virtual data room you will view the digitized material in the area on the web. In the case where it is difficult to access a physical data room due to geographical reasons (in the case of so-called cross-border cases) or when there are many buyer candidates and it is necessary to individually set file or print availability, the buyer side If you want to check the browsing status of candidates in real time, it is useful if you want to utilize the virtual data room. As M & A seems, it is common for periods to be limited, so efficient utilization of virtual data rooms will be useful in obtaining profit.