Recent economies are in a state of globalization and liquidation. The need to quickly conduct M & A from such a situation is increasing. So today, various businesses are working on M & A advisory business. When conducting M & A, which is an act of acquiring a company selling a company, a wide range of expertise is required. For example, it may be possible for each company to vaguely collect and scrutinize the information that is needed. However, when it comes to the field of efficient information processing and information gathering maintaining objectivity, it is still necessary to have expert knowledge. A retainer fee is one type of fee that you will pay when you request an adviser service of M & A. In contracts with M & A advisory, it is usual to decide the fee paid based on the retainer contract, that is, fixed fee for monthly fee based on remuneration paid for work such as visit to the other party or survey for a certain period of time . Basically it is also one of the rewards to pay for contractors that occur every fixed period, such as every month, and will continue to work.

It is important to choose an advisor, not a mediator

There are many merchants who advise M & A. The point to keep in mind is that the fee structure may be different for each vendor. There are many suppliers who do not request the retainer fee instead of mediating like middle managers of M & A, so cost is a big problem when entrusting the procedure concerning M & A etc. to businesses, Since it will fail if you select a trader only whether there is this retainer fee or not, it is a point that requires sufficient attention. On the other hand, among M & A intermediaries, there seem to be some business operators who prolong the negotiation period without meaning to continuously receive the retainer fee even after negotiations have started after finding a company selling the company. Let’s pay attention to such M & A intermediaries. When choosing a company that supports M & A, we will pass various authorities for that, so it is not a merchant of “M & A brokerage” but both the buyer side and the seller side can truly be convinced and the most reliable “M & A advisor”. It is important to choose.