The largest shareholder is the shareholder who owns the most shares of the company. In Japan, there are many founders, their families, parent companies, investment companies, business partners, major banks and institutional investors. Because there is a great influence on decision-making for corporate management, it is now obliged to promptly disclose timely information, that is, disclosure of important corporate information when there is a change in the largest shareholder in listed companies and others. The terms related to the largest shareholder include major shareholders and major shareholders. Shareholders holding large amounts of corporate stocks are called major shareholders, but shareholders equivalent to 10% or more of the total number of issued shares with voting rights of the company are referred to as major shareholders. Sometimes companies acquire stocks of partner companies in order to form a partnership with a leading company. We will strongly proceed with the acquisition of this stock and the destination will be the largest shareholder. Since the largest shareholder is the shareholder with the highest share acquisition ratio among many shareholders, the company will have a bigger impact on the largest shareholder. There are cases in which the largest shareholder seeks management opinions.

Can demonstrate comprehensive strength by M & A

In order to strengthen the relationship with the invested company, the company may make it a subsidiary by making M & A. In order to make a partner company a subsidiary, a shareholding ratio of 25% or more is required. If the investment ratio is 50% or more, it will be possible to grasp the management rights of the other company. Furthermore, if the other party responds to the company sale, it can make it a wholly owned subsidiary with the investment ratio as 100%. Major companies in the IT industry are investing in venture companies to build partnerships, and in Japan as well, among IT companies M & A successively and venture companies are sold and welcomed as a group company as a result of company sale There are also places that are. For that reason, we can see some group companies currently having more than 500 companies. In this way, when many companies become a group, they will be able to demonstrate comprehensive power. Previously, Japanese IT companies have become the largest shareholders of companies that are expanding their Internet mail order company in China. By realizing the company’s listing, the Japanese IT company is the largest shareholder, so it has made a huge profit.